Top 10 unusual christening gift ideas.

On our site, we are currently running a poll to determine the ideal christening gifts. We thought it would be fun to discuss the most unusual christening gift ideas. Our top 10 are:-

1. Time Capsule- Fill a lovely box with mementos from the year of the child’s Christening. Add things such as a newspaper page, the Christening announcement,  photos and a CD of music. Include a note addressed to the child when he/she is 16 reminding him/her of your love, or select another age that is meaningful to you. Seal the box and affix a tag saying when it should be opened. We like this one and it is somehting I might do with my own 3 children……even though they are now 10, 7 and 4!

2. Premium bond(s) – My father bought me these on birth…….not won a penny…..yet?!?!

3. A bottle or even case of port – worth checking on how to store properly.

4. Savings Account – for the child with instructions that when she is old enough, he/she may decide where the funds will be disbursed.

5. Photo Book – Make a book filled with photos from birth to the age of 16 – never tell your child you are doing this. Feature the child’s family and friends as much as possible so that the child can see their inclusion as a personal story.

6. Start a Family Heirloom – Instead of buying a new cross or Bible, consider passing on one that you have treasured so that a tradition can be born.

7. Christmas Ornament – Sometimes people don’t think of ornaments if it isn’t Christmas time, but a commemorative ornament is a lovely gift, even in May! Each year when in is put on the tree the child and their parents will be reminded of the special day.

8. A coin set from the year of christening or birth.

9. Christening Family Photos – If the child was born into a family with siblings or cousins, make a small scrapbook of the family’s other Christening Days, reserving a spot for the baby’s photos. Or for a first child, start an album with the child’s parents’ christening photos.

10. Certificate for an Outing with You – Make a date with the child in the future, perhaps on a certain birthday. Describe where you will take him/her.

Any others?

Philip Crampton

Christening coin set


19 thoughts on “Top 10 unusual christening gift ideas.

  1. The best christening gift I received was a pet duck…I was 3 but loooooved it!

    Your top 10 are good though – I like number 1 and 10 the best.

  2. Saving cash is my motto so bought my son Daniel a candle for his christening gift – a nice one though.

  3. Never too late if you feel the need…..I plan to get all my children christened soon – especially now the site has some great christening products (silver).

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